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Our Product Is Ncomputing, Web Hosting,

UPS, Stabilizer, CCTV & Security Camera,

Mobile Accessories, Computer Accessories,

Website made, Website Support,

TV & Monitor.

Our All Ncomputing & Vcloudpoint Product

NComputing in Bangladesh
NComputing MX100S price Bangladesh
Vcloudpoint Price in Bangladesh

L Series

There Are 5 Models
In Our Company.
L-130, L-230, L-250,
L-300, L-350.
Price Start TK. 4500.

MX 100 S

This Is 3 In 1 Product.
1 Device & 3 Monitor.
This Is Low Price Product In All Ncomputing In Our Office & Bangladesh.

RX 300

This Is The Best
Performances Product
In All Ncomputing
In Bangladesh.

Zero Client

This Is Best Selling Product Of All Ncomputing.
There are 2 Models
In Our Company.
S-100, V-1.

Web Host Plans & Pricing

Our Best Selling Hosting Plans


TK. 2000

per Year


TK. 3000

per Year


TK. 6000

per Year

Other Best Selling Products In Our Company

Office IT Support

Providing low cost IT support 24/7 on-demand and on-premise replacing the need to hire a full time IT support staff.

CCTV & Security Camera

Security camera cctv security system kit video surveillance 2 camera HD 720P/1080P 4ch dvr surveillance Waterproof Night Vision.

Mobile & PC Accessories

Get your desired Mobile & computer accessory products from top brands at online shop. Home delivery. Quality product.

UPS & Stabilizer

A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby. The Voltage Stabilizer has been designed to provide a clean, regulated AC power.

Website Made & Support

Website building and management made easy. Our Customer Care team is among the highest-rated support squads online, fast, multi-skilled and helpful.

TV & Monitor

Get the latest monitor price in Bangladesh at Star Tech. Buy your desired Asus, Samsung, HP, LG, Acer and Philips from our showroom or website at the best

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